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By becoming a member of ABC Sports and Social Club, you understand that your personal data will be collected, securely stored and processed in written and electronic form by the Club specifically to organise events for the benefit of members. Your data will be shared only to the extent that venues or hotels require basic details of names for registration purposes, and data will not be passed on to any other organisation. At your request, or on leaving the Club your personal data will be destroyed.

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ABC Privacy Policy


The future of ABC THE RESULT

ABC wish everyone good health in this difficult time.

The committee have received so many questions about the result of the ballot that we have decided to publish this notice.

Thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to express their opinion by voting in the recent ballot,

The result of about 400 votes were  in excess of 93% in support of ABC going independent. Your committee have been working hard to set the club on its way.

THE CLUB IS ‘LIVE’ FROM TO DAY 1st of April 2020.

Sadly the coronavirus has restricted our events and currently we are unable to accept bookings for any of our trips/events. We are hoping to review this on the 1st of June 2020.
As a new club we are looking for support from prospective members and  have included a membership application  form on this notice.

From 1st of June 2020 only members of the new club will be eligible to book trips/events

If you would like to discuss this notice please contact:
George Stevenson 07723418995 or
Bob Faulkner 07976258893 or email

[email protected]

or via the contact us page the ABC website http://www.wmpabc.co.uk/
Membership Form April 2020


The events sub committee are experiencing problems as are many organisations.

Our software has an issue and our service company have priority systems that must be maintained, our system is not a priority.

Sadly we are also experiencing contact issues with our travel companies and hotels.

As a sub committee we are are finding it difficult to maintain the service which you rightly would expect.

We have. therefore, made the difficult decision to suspend all bookings until further notice.  This will be reviewed in June 2020.


Any bookings already received will be retained, on your behalf until we are advised that the event will take place’


The future (or not) of ABC Sports & Social Club

At a recent Management meeting of the WMP Main Club Sports & Wellbeing Association a proposal was submitted that all local clubs amalgamate to form one club.

ABC reps opposed the proposal on the basis that it would not benefit to ABC members. ABC is the most proactive club in the Association.

The change means ABC will cease to exist from 1st of April 2020. Currently ABC receive 37p in every pound that you pay as a subscription the Main Club retain the balance, 63p, from April 2020 the main club will retain every penny. Currently ABC Subsidise all our events, in future a central committee would decide the subsidy and indeed all decisions, e.g., if the event should take place, the cost and any subsidy that should be applied to the trip.

Your committee has decided that if there is sufficient support from members and other interested parties, we will take ABC out of the Association and carry on as we currently do.

By being independent 100% of your subscription would then be retained by the ABC committee to be applied to events etc for the benefit of members of the new ABC.

This means we can charge a smaller subscription and in addition, in the first year of membership a further reduction of £5.00 in order, for those eligible, to purchase a Blue Light Card. Blue Light Cards are acceptable in many shops and restaurants and the discount you receive could actually cover the cost of your annual subscription.

To launch the new club we must have support. At this stage if you are interested it will be open to all serving or retired officers and staff regardless of where they work.

To register interest please use this link below and make your choice.

ABC Vote Live Link

If you would like to discuss this notice please contact:

George Stevenson 07723418995 or

Bob Faulkner 07976258893 or

or email

[email protected]

or via the contact us page the ABC website http://www.wmpabc.co.uk/

In order that we can decide the future of ABC please register your interest by Friday the 6th of March 2020. Registering does not obligate you in any way.

Thank you.


ABC Sports and Social Club Committee

Dates for your diary

Please refer to events 2020 to view our latest trips and events.

Free Yoga Class for ABC Members

All ABC club members and friends/families of members are entitled to a FREE TRIAL YOGA CLASS with Chris Callaghan.
Please see Chris’s website for more details


Do you need help, we may be able to supply it

Hi, are you booking or have booked a trip/event with ABC.

If we can make your experience better by dealing with any issues you may have. We cant promise to solve all issues but we will do our best.

If you have dietary issues or if you have allergies  please report it on your booking form.

If you have a fear of heights including a high room in the hotel we can request a low room.

Please let us know of any issues we will try our best to minimise the impact on your trip.

If you have an issue with your seat on the coach please let us know before we circulate the seating plan by reporting on Special requirements section of the booking form or email ABC when the issue arises or contact Gill Fisher on 07758892533. The earlier you let us know the better chance of solving it.

Booking Release dates NEW DATES PUBLISHED


To book an event or order tickets please download the appropriate booking form and send with payment, cheque, cash or a postal order, to ABC C/O Gill Fisher 16, Coppice Drive, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7NQ. Please enclose a stamp addressed envelope to receive confirmation of booking. Events which are funded by ABC members can also welcome non ABC members who will pay the rate charged to ABC. No reservations can be made until both the booking form and payment have been received.

Trips & Days Out

Event: Date: Spaces Left:
Mamma Mia 13/05/20 39 remaining as of 27/03/20
Pamper Break 04/05/10/20 Sold Out as of 05/03/20
Torquay Weekend 2020 CANCELLED CLOSED
France Remembering World War 1 CANCELLED CLOSED
Curtains , The Grand Wolverhampton CANCELLED CLOSED
We Will Rock You , Birmingham Hippodrome 24/04/20 SOLD OUT as of 16/01/20
Events 2020 2020 AS TRIPS


Sorry, there are no competitions running at the moment. Please check again soon.